Refine By Farrell also offers a range of skin care products tailored to your individual needs. SkinMedica is the number one dermatologist recommended skincare line. Choose from a selection of Retinols proven to decrease the signs of aging. Pigment correcting serum can lighten spots from sun damage, melasma, acne scarring and more- without hydroquinone exposure. Been looking for that perfect daily moisturizer? Refine By Farrell can help you select the best product to suit your needs.

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Medical Grade Peels with Minimal Downtime!

The Peels by SkinMedica are fantastic for diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, acne scarring and other pigment changes including those from sun damage and melasma. These peels are also great for helping pores to appear smaller. Skin is noticeably more radiant after just one peel, compelling results after 3 to 6 peels*.

Please contact me for information to see if these peels are right for you!

* Peels can be repeated every 3 to 4 weeks.

Before the Peel
After 3 Peels

Female age 25.

Unretouched photographs. Individual results may vary.


Before the Peel
After 5 Peels

Female age 56.

Unretouched photographs. Individual results may vary.



Are Your Lashes Thinning Over Time?

Week 0
Week 4


Week 12
Week 16

Latisse is a prescription treatment for inadequate eyelashes. Apply at home for longer, fuller, darker lashes. If you stop using Latisse, eyelashes are expected to return to their previous appearance.

Individual results may vary. By prescription only.


HA5 Smooth and Plump Lip System visibly improves:

Baseline Post Application

This two-step at home treatment is as easy as putting on lipstick! It is clinically shown to give lips a more more plump smooth look with enhanced rosiness within 15 minutes! It also has hydrating benefits! Use up to three times a day for ongoing results. This product adds a little more WOW on its own or in combination with lip filler such as Volbella.

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