About Suzanne Farrell

Refine By Farrell

is a boutique medical aesthetics practice. Suzanne Farrell, APRN uses an approach that enhances the natural beauty of her clients. Treatments are done to achieve a shoreline style of beauty without letting clients look or feel overdone. Of course, results are about celebrating beauty. But subtle changes are also about celebrating the happiness that comes from feeling like your outer appearance better reflects your best inner self. Knowing that one looks more refreshed and refined helps us feel more confident about presenting our best selves to the world. It’s fantastic when friends and family say – I don’t know what it is, but you just look fabulous! But real happiness comes when clients look in the mirror and say to themselves- Yes! That’s the me that best reflects how I want to see myself!

Suzanne uses her eye for nuance and skill for artistry to work closely with each client to develop an individual and customized plan. Her practice is located in a private, serene, shoreline setting. Only you know your best kept secret!